Sustainable delivery by the power of the wind at 1931 prices!

Choosing traditionally handmade bricks is a big step towards low-carbon construction but now, if your project is close to the Thames, you can go one better by having your bricks delivered under sail!

Built in the UK to cargo ship rules, Blue Mermaid was commissioned at Maldon in 2019. She is a replica of the original of the same name built at Mistley in 1930. In 2021 WH Collier Ltd donated clay for the sailing barge to carry to the Newham Heritage Month. see video

At that time, the Blue Mermaid’s operators, the Seachange Sailing Trust, was seeking clearance to carry coastal cargo in addition to its established sail training activities with young people and vulnerable adults. This has been achieved and the Trust is now seeking cargos of up to 110 tons to carry from Brightlingsea up the Thames or to ports in Kent, Essex or Suffolk.

“For us, the cargo is a reason to make a passage and engage trainees in traditional seamanship” said Richard Titchener, Executive Officer of the Trust. “We recognise it will not break the mould of cheap and effective road transport, but with delivery by electric vehicle at either end it would make an excellent story to tell in the effort to reduce emissions. Provided other costs are met, the freight rate for a first cargo will be from the 1931 Blue Book used by the original Blue Mermaid and will be a few shillings”.

If you are interested in having your order delivered under sail please speak to Nikki in the WH Collier office.