Our new video

You may have seen the video on our home page. It was made over the summer of 2022 by Eric Orme of Place Photography and shows our handmade brick-making process in 1 minute 43 seconds.

All of the action takes place at our brickworks in Marks Tey. We see a birds-eye view of the forklift driven by Steve taking dried bricks to the kiln building. Then we see the digger driven by Mark, collecting clay from a pile we quarried in 2020. This goes in to clay processing plant where is it broken up and carried by a conveyor belt into our main building where Mark fills a hopper on rails.

We see Jamie and Andy throwing the clay into brick moulds and trimming the bases. The bricks are then transported on racks to the drying hall where they spend up to eight weeks before Steve sets them ready for firing in the kiln. We see the firing begin and the sides of the kiln descend for the five days of the firing process.

Finally, Andy is seen packing the pallets with finished bricks and layers of straw.

Don’t forget to have the sound turned on to hear the beautiful guitar solo by Jack Winn.