Celebrating 150 Years of Brickmaking W.H.Collier Ltd.

Our History

Brickmaking began in 1863 when William Holman Collier came to the area from the E & R Collier brickmaking business in Reading.

A pair of downdraft kilns still survive from 1883. They are listed on The Industrial Register. At its busiest, production was over 5 million pieces per year.

The product range included bricks, flower pots, land drain pipes, roofing tiles and fireplace briquettes.

The company remained part of the Collier family untill 1988 when it was acquired by Salvesen Brick which became Chelwood Brick and then, following a merger with Ambion Brick became thebrickbusiness. In 2004 thebrickbusiness was bought by Weinerberger who then sold W H Collier via an MBO led by the then General Manager Maurice Page and 4 of his team.

The product range was improved with the addition of the Primrose range, a through colour Yellow. 2013 saw the introduction of a through colour Red, the Aldeburgh Range.

Currently production is less than 1 million per year.

Original Downdraft Kiln

Handmaking Bricks