Celebrating 150 Years of Brickmaking W.H.Collier Ltd.

W H Collier Ltd achieves Brickmakers Quality Charter certification

The BDA's Brick Quality Charter has been created to provide the UK construction industry through to the end user assurance that the highest standards have been met during the brick manufacturing process, promoting the resposible sourcing of clay brick products.

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Brick manufacturers applying for the scheme will have met a basic set of criteria, meaning they manufacture clay bricks and pavers to a set of internationally recognised product labour, quality, energy and environmental standards. How many of these criteria are met denotes the star rating awarded; either one,two or three stars.

W H Collier Ltd are one of the first brickmakers nationwide to achieve this award, achieving a one star rating. To register for the scheme W H Collier had to comply with a number of recognised Critical Assessment Points (CAPS), including Anti-Modern Slavery Policy and Procedures, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, CPR Compliance in all clay brick products CE Mark or UKCA/UKNI Mark to EN771.1 and Health and Safety Management BCC Health and Safety Pledge or ISO45001 or OHSAS18001. We feel this is a great achievemnt for a small independant company. 


'The charter provides merchants and customers with a valuable short cut to identifying responsible clay brick and other clay product manuafaturers,' says BDA chief executive, Keith Aldis. 'The UK has seen a growth in imported bricks from a global supply chain of which little is known. With a post-Brexit focus on self-relience, coupled with international co-operation through competitve trade, there is greater room for error when purchasing and using clay bricks from unregulated and largely unrecognised sources. We want to make sure that the UK and European clay brick sector continues to enjoy the high repuation it has built up over decades.' 

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