Celebrating 150 Years of Brickmaking W.H.Collier Ltd.

Kilns at W H Collier

There have been a variety of kilns used in the production of Handmade bricks, Briquettes, tiles, pots and various other clay products at W H Collier over the last 151 years.

We still have on site 2 circular down-draft Kilns, built circa 1883 now listed on the industrial register which would have been the earliest kilns built and used by W H Collier.  Followed by a Scotch Kiln and also a Hoffmann kiln (a continuous kiln), which was sadly demolished in the early 1990's. A hablar kiln (another type of continuous kiln) possibly used at the same time as the Hoffmann. This was followed by the Tunnel Kiln, built around 1955 which was used until 2005 when Maurice Page installed the Moving Hood Kiln within the old Hablar building.  This kiln has allowed us to have more control of the firing process and in turn has allowed us to develop our Primrose Range which requires a higher firing temperature than the bricks in our Anglian Range.

There may well have been other kilns used on site both before William H Collier started on the site in 1863 and during but we have no written record. 

Downdraft Kilns

Two Downdraft Kilns built 1863, still standing and on the Industrial Register.

Workers otside the Scotch Kiln. Year unknown

Workers outside the Scotch Kiln, year unknown.

Hoffman Kiln

Hoffman Kiln and the workers at W H Collier. Date unknown

Moving Hood single hearth Kiln

The old Habla Kiln building. This now houses the moving hood kiln which we currently use and is shown in the pictures below

moving hood kiln and dried bricks for firing

Dried bricks being set on the hearth.

moving hood kiln

Moving Hood Kiln